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Baking Boxes Versus Baking Box Subscriptions: What’s the Difference?

If you’re in the market for an easy way to encourage yourself or a friend to bake more at home, you might be considering a baking box or baking box subscription.

Both options are excellent ways to take up baking as a hobby. They’re incredibly convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving; plus, it’s such a joy when they fall through your letterbox. Happy mail always puts a smile on your face!

But you might be wondering what the main differences are between baking boxes and baking box subscriptions before you make your decision. Let’s explore both options!

An image of a man dusting icing sugar over a cake, overlaid with a white text box that reads "baking boxes versus baking box subscriptions: what's the difference?"

What is a Baking Box?

A baking box is a kit sent straight to your door that contains everything you need to bake up a delicious baked good, such as cakes, brownies, or cookies.

They’re great for beginner bakers and children because they typically contain simple ingredients and easy recipes. You can also find baking boxes that are crafted for more experienced bakers, such kits for homemade cinnamon rolls, biscotti, or focaccia.

How do they work?

Baking boxes are typically one-off purchases. You order the kit you’d like from the provider’s website (or in a bricks-and-mortar store) and it’s delivered to your door.

No need to spend hours scrolling on Pinterest for a recipe, making a shopping list, or traveling to the grocery store. Everything is there and waiting for you when you’re ready to bake.

a baking box is open to reveal the contents that are bags of plain flour, caster sugar, salt, and a bottle of vanilla extract

What comes in a baking box?

Baking boxes contain everything you need to make the recipe. This can include:

  • All the dry ingredients you need

  • A step-by-step recipe

  • Some of the extra baking supplies, such as parchment paper or testing skewers

The only things you’ll need to have on hand already are the baking tin, utensils (ie. wooden spoon, whisk, bowls, etc.), and any fresh ingredients the recipe may require, such as eggs or milk.

How much do they typically cost?

On average, baking kits cost anywhere from £10 to £30. The price is dependent on the cost and quality of the ingredients and supplies provided.

How does a baking box save you money?

While £25 might seem a steep price for a baking box, they’re actually saving you money long-term.

Baking boxes create less food waste. They provide everything you need in measured out quantities for that one recipe, so there’s no wasted ingredients. You’ll stop losing money by letting a large amount of an ingredient you needed for one recipe go off in the cupboard.

They also help you save money on transport. Instead of paying for bus fare or fuel to go to the grocery store (sometimes twice when you inevitably forget an ingredient!), you can have it delivered to your door instead.

a hand places slice-and-bake cookies on a black baking tray lined with white parchment paper

What is a Baking Box Subscription?

A baking box subscription, similar to a standard baking box, will send you everything you need to bake a delicious treat straight to your door – but on a monthly basis.

How do they work?

When you purchase a baking box subscription, you will pay a recurring fee and the company will send you a box once a month.

Subscriptions are much more convenient, saving you time and brain power. You won’t need to remember to order a box every time you want to bake – it’s sent to you automatically.

a hand pours cornmeal from a biodegradable plastic bag into a glass bowl on a concrete countertop.

What comes in a baking subscription box?

Similar to a standard baking box, baking box subscriptions also provide you with a step-by-step recipe, pre-portioned ingredients, and any little extras you need (like parchment paper or testing skewers).

Some companies will also provide benefits and perks for their subscribers, such as discount milestones, additional content, or access to early product releases.

How much do they typically cost?

Depending on the type and length of the subscription, they can cost anywhere from £12.99 to £29.99 per month.

Some companies will also provide a discounted rate if you subscribe versus buying a single box.

Are baking subscription boxes worth it?

Only you can decide if baking subscription boxes are worth the expense. However, here are a few ways that they can add value to your life:

  • Improving your baking and kitchen skills through repeated monthly practice.

  • Saving you time by having everything sent to your door on autopilot.

  • Saving you money by only providing you with what you need to bake that specific recipe, so there’s less food waste and fewer pounds spent on single-use baking supplies.

  • Encouraging you to be creative and take time for yourself once a month.

  • Sparking joy and bringing a smile to your face when it falls through your letterbox.

a slice of cherry bakewell loaf cake from a Bookish Bakes baking box sits on a plate with a cake fork on top of a book.

What Makes a Bookish Bakes Baking Box Unique

Here at Bookish Bakes, we do things a little differently.

We’re more than just a simple dump-and-bake kit. All of our baking boxes are inspired by books!

When you purchase a Bookish Bakes kit, you’re receiving a unique, immersive experience that transports you straight into the pages of the book. By combining the act of baking with reading, you activate all of your senses, enabling you to connect more deeply with the story and its characters.

A few ways other ways we differentiate ourselves is through:

  • Measurements: The keepsake recipe cards you receive will always have the ingredient measurements so that you can bake the recipe again and recreate the experience as many times as you like.

  • All the extras: We provide all the extra baking supplies you need to bake that recipe, whether that’s piping bags, piping tips, muffin cases, food gel, etc. you’ll have it in the box.

  • Pre-cut parchment paper: We know that the most frustrating part of baking is lining your tin, so we do all the hard work for you. Just grease and stick!

  • Pre-loved books: As an optional add-on, you can choose to include a pre-loved copy of the book that inspired the recipe when you order your baking box. That way, you can get the full immersive experience of our book-inspired baking kits!

Our baking boxes are designed to take you on a journey that allows you space and time to be creative, enter a state of mindfulness, rest, and unwind from your busy life.

You can visit our Classic Kits Shop for our standard baking boxes, or explore our monthly subscription and become a Bookish Baker!


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