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Beyond the Pages: 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Book Lovers Other Than Books

Book lovers are a unique breed. They find solace and joy in the written word, losing themselves in the captivating worlds crafted by their favorite authors. But when it comes to gift-giving, reaching for the nearest bestseller is often tempting.

While books are undoubtedly appreciated, there are plenty of other thoughtful gifts that can delight the avid reader in your life. In this post, we'll explore 10 gift ideas that go beyond the pages, perfect for the bookworm in your life.

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a old open book with a bookmark on top featuring a blue and gold leaf design and the quote "a dreamer I walked enchanted and nothing held me back"

Personalised Bookmarks

Avid readers are always in need of bookmarks to mark their place, and a personalised one can make a significant difference. Consider getting a beautifully designed bookmark featuring the recipient's name or one featuring a quote from their favourite book. Every time they open a book, they'll be reminded of your thoughtful gift.

a woman in a pink knit jumper reading a book on top of a pale pink knit blanket

Cosy Reading Nook Accessories

Create a comfortable and inviting reading nook for your book-loving friend. Think about items like a soft throw blanket, comfy cushions, or a stylish reading lamp. These accessories will enhance their reading experience and make their reading space a haven for literary escapades.

a lit candle sits on a bed of white blankets with the book "Fourth Wing" beside it

Bookish Scented Candles

Scented candles can set the mood for a reading session. Book-themed scented candles, like ones from Stella Candle Co. or Bookishly, not only create a soothing atmosphere but also evoke the nostalgic scent of their favourite novels.

a white woman in a black tee and blue jeans models a tote bag with a stack of books and the words "I'm with the banned" on the front

Literary Tote Bags

Who doesn’t love a tote bag? Give your book lover a stylish and functional tote bag that showcases their favorite author or book cover. They’re versatile and perfect for carrying books, groceries, or everyday essentials. Plus, they're a subtle way to express one's literary interests.

a pack of "green dragon" loose-leaf tea sits on a table

Coffee or Tea Blends

Many book enthusiasts enjoy sipping a warm beverage while diving into a good book, especially during the chillier months. Gift a selection of gourmet coffee or tea blends to complement their reading experience. You can even find blends inspired by famous literary works or authors adding an extra touch of creativity.

a baked salted caramel apple dappy sits on a silver platter surrounded by apples, a milk jug, and "The Hound of the Baskervilles"

Bookish Baking Kits

Ignite their creativity, engage their senses, and help them explore a new world with a baking kit inspired by their favourite book. Our bookish baking kits are a fun and interactive way for book lovers to immerse themselves in the story and connect more deeply with the books they read through their senses.

bookshelves filled with books in a bookstore

Bookstore Gift Card

If you're unsure of their literary preferences, a gift card to their favorite local bookstore or an online book retailer like is a safe and appreciated choice. They can use it to explore new releases, classics, or even indulge in some hard-to-find editions.

a stack of bookish kindle cases

E-Reader Accessories

If your book lover prefers e-books, consider gifting accessories for their e-reader, such as a bookish cover, personalised stickers, or remote page turner. These accessories will enhance their reading experience and ensure their device is both stylish and well-protected.

a bookish box subscription box sitting on a table surrounded by gold, white, and cream accessories

Bookish Subscription Box

Consider gifting a bookish subscription box that delivers a curated selection of book-related items to your friend's doorstep every month. These boxes typically include a book, as well as bookish merchandise like bookmarks, bookplates, treats, and other themed goodies. It's a gift that keeps on giving and introduces them to new authors and genres.

a white man in a navy apron binds a book in a workshop

Book-related Workshops or Classes

For the book enthusiast who loves to dive deeper into the world of literature, consider gifting them a workshop or class related to writing, bookbinding, or literary analysis. These opportunities can help them connect with fellow book lovers and expand their knowledge of the literary world.

When it comes to gift-giving for book lovers, there's a wide array of thoughtful options that extend beyond simply buying them another book. These gifts cater to their passion for reading, create a comfortable reading environment, and add extra layers of enjoyment to their literary pursuits.

So, the next time you're looking for the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life, consider these creative and personalised ideas that will make them feel truly appreciated. Your thoughtful gesture will certainly be cherished, just like the books that fill their shelves.


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